NEVRENPSILV Vinyltillbehör Avslutsprofil (Rigid) NEVRENPSILV
NEVRENPSILV Vinyltillbehör Avslutsprofil (Rigid) NEVRENPSILV

Avslutsprofil (Rigid)

Avslutsprofil (Rigid) | NEVRENPSILV
This very slim and elegant profile can be used to cover the expansion joint between your Vinyl floor and e.g. a wall, window or threshold, or as a connection to a carpet. Can be used with clicked (+) Vinyl floors. Wear-resistant quality aluminium, silver tone. Installation with the supplied subprofile. Glue the sub-profile to the subfloor, then press the end profile into the subprofile. Tip: use a hammer and e.g. the tapping block as a help to press the end profile in the subprofile.
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Höjd 8,5 mm
Längd 2000 mm
Bredd 24 mm
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